It is an exciting time to work in the building materials sector. The world is facing a process of rapid urbanization accompanied by increased pressure on strategic resources (water, raw materials, energy). As the new leader of our industry, Readymix Muscat offers a wide range of professional opportunities in operational and functional roles. With us, you can expect personal development opportunities, international exposure, as well as safe and attractive working conditions. Because we believe that our 100,000 employees will help us fulfill our aspirations: customer satisfaction, operational excellence, innovation, and integrity.


  • As the new leader of the building materials industry, we offer excellent working conditions, including:
  • A healthy and safe work environment:A fundamental value of Readymix Muscat\Premix is providing working conditions that adhere to the best health and safety standards. It is entrenched in our corporate culture at all levels, from management to operations, from offices and industrial sites to roads.
  • Connecting the best talents: being the most advanced group in the building materials industry means attracting, retaining, and connecting the best professionals of our sector, in all our fields: operations, management, support functions, etc.
  • An inclusive, caring, and enjoyable workplace:Readymix Muscat\Premix believes that offering supportive working conditions and building diverse and inclusive teams are the best ways to create an engaged workforce that will generate value to all our stakeholders. Our Group respects and values different ideas, experiences, and perspectives and provides an inclusive working environment for everyone.
  • Opportunities to grow to full potential:Continuous improvement is part of our culture. Our Group offers leadership capability, skills, and knowledge development programs.