concrete products & solutions

Water plus cement plus aggregates. The formula seems simple, but the reality of concrete manufacturing is far more complex. The development of formulas for concrete requires very advanced scientific skills. The quality of the cement and aggregates, the dosage and the proportions are just some of the variables that influence the properties of concrete.

standard concrete

Strength grades from 15Mpa to 70Mpa are available according to the project/client requirements.


Artevia®, the world’s most famous decorative concrete brand by LafargeHolcim. An elegant decorative concrete with a wide pallet of colors and textures

ultra foam

This is lightweight concrete that is produced by the addition of a synthetic or protein based air entrainer which is added to the concrete with the use of a foam generator. The admixture entrains an inert bubble in the concrete thus reducing the density of the concrete

ultra series

The range of specific concrete solutions