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Readymix Muscat & Premix have a fully equipped Central Laboratory used for research and development.  We carefully test all raw materials, mix designs and do all routine quality control testing from this Laboratory.  Concrete can be produced to all specified standards such as British, European, American and Omani referenced using carefully selected raw materials.  The Technical Management Team have combined over 40 years experience and both are Certified Members of the Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT) from the UK.

We  have smaller satellite laboratories complete with temperature controlled cube making and  curing facilities, compression testing machines and routine aggregate testing facilities at Nizwa and Sohar.  All of our plants have smaller cube making and curing facilities.

LafargeHolcim have the largest building materials research centre in the world, based in Lyon, France.  Using LafargeHolcim expert Technologies we are specialists in Self Compacting Concretes (Agilia), Pervious Concretes (Hydromedia), Decorative Concretes (Artevia), High Early Strength (Chronolia), Mortars, Screeds, Plaster, Watertight, Fibre reinforced, Lightweight and Durable concretes.

We do

  • Fresh Concrete testing according to BS EN 12350
  • Preparation and curing of concrete test specimens under standard conditions
  • Hardened concrete testing according to BS EN 12390.
  • Aggregates Testing according to BS EN 12620 / BS 812.(Testing according to ASTM standards if required)
  • Concrete Durability test parameters for hardened concrete are done according to AASHTO T277,DIN 1048,BS 1881 etc.
  • Training Workshops are available on request for our customers and site personnel
  • Support customers with technical advice regarding specifications, workability,pumpability and rheology properties of Concrete
  • Research and Development of new products
  • Laboratory, plant and customer trial mixes


Water permeability


Aggregate testing


Air testing


Durability Testing


Laboratory trial mixing


“O” Funnel-test for Self Compacting & Concrete