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Current Openings

Mixer Truck Driver

Country Oman
Organization Readymix Muscat LLC
Job Title Mixer Truck Driver
Reports to Plant Operator / Plant Supervisor / Area In Charge
Job description:

  • Drives truck equipped with auxiliary concrete mixer to deliver concrete mix to job sites: Drives truck under loading hopper to receive sand, gravel, cement, and water and starts mixer.
  • Drives truck to location for unloading.
  • Unloads truck. Moves levers on truck to release concrete down truck chute into wheelbarrow or other conveying container or directly into area to be poured with concrete.
  • Cleans truck after delivery to prevent concrete from hardening in mixer and on truck, using water hose and hoe.
  • May spray surfaces of truck with protective compound to prevent adhering of concrete.
  • May assemble cement chute.
  • Ensure safe working practices are followed and Company Health & Safety Standards are strictly followed in the work area.
  • Attend the pre ship tool box talks scheduled on time.
  • Responsible for keeping truck clean and tidy.
  • Responsible for reaching on time to sites in a safe way.
  • Follow driving promise statement to carry on the work in a professional way.
  • Conduct an equipment daily routine check prior to duty.
  • Log the Driver duty time sheet (site, time to reach on site, quantity loaded, etc.)
  • Responsible for reporting to the Plant Operator or Supervisor all the defects found in the truck.
  • Follow construction / job site rules.
  • Responsible for conducting a site checks for hazards.
  • Responsible to keep the rpm of the ball drum as per the technical specifications and keep the quality of the concrete until customer delivery reach on site.
  • Follows all safety corrects minor safety hazards identified rules while on the job. Reports minor accidents promptly and hazards. Communicates with management regarding any in the workplace.


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